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  1. 13 hours ago, Porter said:

    How much data are you transferring? For example, if you are reading 1000 input registers, one register at a time, then you can't expect to get a sample rate of 100ms.

    => The maximum registers I had were about 50. I do not want to have a fast sample rate as I have slow changing processes, but I like to synchronize (have the same samplerate)  the data derived from Modbus with my DAQ data. 

    Screenshots or sample code would be useful if you are looking for help.

    => is attached

    Are you using the Modbus Comm Tester?

    => no


    I have attached the VI that I use tu read the registers. 


    Modbus Read Waveform.vi

  2. Thanks for the easy to use Libary.

    As I have a combined measurement, a NI-DAQ-Device and the DUT, that sends its internal parameters via Modbus, I would like to set a sample rate for the MODBUS data and to synchronize both systems

    The Baudrate is at the moment at 230400, but data are flowing in with samplerate arround 1sec.



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