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  1. 7 hours ago, bbean said:

    What type of instrumentation and data acquisition systems does your lab work with ?  Mostly VISA type serial/gpib/LXI instruments or mostly data acquisition cards / PXI chassis type stuff?

    Hi bbean, most of the equipment I deal with uses GPIB/ethernet/serial type interfaces (scopes, BERTs, specans, power supplies, SMUs, etc.)

  2. I've setup a number of labs, including the test automation. In my previous couple labs I based the automation on LabVIEW. I enjoy programming in LabVIEW and have become quite proficient at it. Unfortunately, my junior engineers and design engineers can't seem to get used to it. The only reason they used it is because I forced them to. I am going to start a new lab, and I was researching if I should use LabVIEW or... something else. That's when I found out NI has gone to subscription only. My company probably doesn't mind, but I do. It is a sign that LabVIEW is on its way out and that NI has gone completely to the dark side. I can program in Python, but I don't really want to go to Python for the reasons that have already been mentioned by others in this thread. So, plan "B". But there is no plan "B", which is very unfortunate. I know what I want my automation software to do and look like, but it does not exist. I'm not sure I'm up to the task of making my own, so I guess I'm stuck with going to Python, unless NI suddenly changes course.

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