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Found 2 results

  1. I am new to LVOOP and have jsut started writing my first LVOOP program which I have attached. I would appreciate greatly help with the question I have Thank you in advance Ted This vi will perform two tasks 1.Generating Report data sheet for metrology 2. updating the scales in a MAX .nce file 1. Metrology will input calibration information into the tables on the tabs Metrology will then click "Update Tables" then "Create Report ( create report section of code is not yet written Update Tables will write all information entered in the tabs to class varaibles and will also delete current Max informatiomn 2. Metrology will click "Load NCE Scale" vi will prompt for nce file to load and then once file is selected, display existing scales for two channels (Current Motor 1 and Current Motor 2) Metrology will then click "Update Scales" the program will replace the existing scales with those entered in Step 5.14 and 5.15 from the tables on the tab Question 1. Steps 5.14 and 5.15 are needed by both classes ( Table Variable and MAX) - what is the best way to share this information CAT0000032 Class Version.zip
  2. Hello LAVA, I am extremely new to LABview but am required to use it for a project I am currently working on. I was hoping I could illicit the community's help but I am not sure which category to choose because as I said, I am a beginner to LABview and programming in general. My hope is that someone would be willing to get into direct communication with me as a sort of mentor. But if not my current problem is one I imagine is super simple. I just need to make a motor move under certain conditions. If I get a response I will elaborate further. Thank you in advance.
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