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Found 1 result

  1. Dear all, My team and I are in the process of migrating our application from LV2011 to LV2015. While in this process, we need to be able to make 2015 builds for testing purposes while continuing to build 2011 releases for our current customers. We have a dedicated build PC and I initially wanted to use to build both versions. The issue is: the version 15.0 of many drivers such as NI-CAN, NI-XNET, NI-VISA doesn't support LV2011. When I installed the version 15.0, the libraries were actually removed from the vi.lib folder of LV2011. The thing is for the LV2015 version, I do want to use the latest libraries (15.0) Before trying to reach a solution, I would like to understand one thing about those libraries: when I install them, they do 2 things: (A) Install the libraries in the vi.lib folder to be used by the development environment (Development PC) (B) Install some resource files to be used by the run-time engine (Deployment PC, aka customer PC) Here is the question: Can I use a version 14.0 for (A) and 15.0 for (B)? I'd guess not but I like dare asking naive questions, you never know... If I want to be able to keep my ideal scheme (14.0 for LV2011 and 15.0 for LV2015), the 2 solutions I see would be: 1) I copy the folder from the vi.lib of another computer which has the 15.0 installed to the LV2015 folder of the build PC which has the 14.0 installed (so I don't install 15.0 per say) 2) OBVIOUSLY I get a second build PC Have you ever had to deal with those issues? Thanks!
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