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Found 2 results

  1. Un-abortable from VI Server: Start Asynchronous Call Prepare to call and forget 0x80 I'm trying to abort call and forget VIs that don't get shutdown properly. I'm launching using 0x80 (call and forget) Problem is, I can't seem to find them in memory using VI server. If I "trick" labview and just start opening a VI by name, and put in the correctly (guessed) clone name i.e. dameon.vi:3 and it just so happens to be the right name I can find it. Why isn't it appearing in all VI's in memory? Is there any way to find clones of a VI through server? Stranger still: the name of the VI when i hover over the abort button is something like dameon.vi:Hostdaemon:ProxyCaller.234908238:3 wtf? how can I abort call and forget VIs problematically? Lastly, I'm aware of Abort.vi which I forget who programmed. I got it off lavag at some point, see attached. ~Jon Oh yeah, even if I get the right clone name from VI server through my educated guess, I still cant abort it problematically with the abort method. Showing the front panel with an invoke node does work however (wtf? why?) I can then hit the abort button on the front panel of the daemon, and it does stop. ~Jon Abort_LV82_v100.zip
  2. I tried to reuse clones of a re-entrant VI and did not succeed. Help says: “Shared clone reentrant execution—Allows parallel execution … this type of reentrancy reuses clones among VI calls. If a VI call occurs while all clones are in use, LabVIEW allocates a new clone for that VI call…”. As I understand, if there is a non-used clone, it has to be used instead of making a new allocation. I created a small project (attached archive Test_DynamicCloning.zip). It has two VIs. The r.vi is set as Shared clone reentrant execution. It does not do much but only counts the number of invocation with an uninitialized shift register and closes own FP after 5 sec (alternatively it is closed with a button click): main.vi creates a new clone on button clicks: But each click of the button results in a new clone that is indicated by both: new clone number in the title bar and by the shift-register counter. Now I set Auto Dispose Ref to true and run again. The title bar indicates reusing of the same clones but the shift-register counter shows that the clone is used first time. So, I need your opinions: What happens in the background? Why and how Auto Dispose Ref influences the cloning process? Why the shift register is re-initialized? Thank you Test_DynamicCloning.zip
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