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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Lava's, I have an application which I have constructed around Slave loop obects (Daklu's approach) using the Lapdog messaging library, and I'm currently struggling to decide upon the best approach for implementing a sequence of operations. The application involves doing some DAQ with a USRP device where by I require it to sweep an entire spectral range and acquire samples for each subset, what would seem standard state machine material. I currently have a slave process/loop named "scanner", which I planned to have sit there and wait for a "start scan" message to be sent to it from the powers that be. Upon receiving this start command, it would need to initialise, acquire, move local oscillator, acquire, move local oscillator, acquire... and so on, until it reaches the end of the range. Aside from the slave loop using its own input queue to enqueue messages to itself and carry out this sequence, how else could it be approached? I'm asking because I've been reading around for quite some time on the topic of QSMs and I can see they are widely disliked for reasons I can generally appreciate, however, I'm struggling to think about a better way for a slave loop in this scenario to carry out a sequence of operations when instructed. I.e. for a mediating loop to send it the "start scan" command and then for the scanner to return a message via its output queue to say its done and here are the results. Many thanks in advance for any contributions,
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