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Waveform Graph or XY Graph

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Dear all,

I am in a bit confusion in choosing between XY Graph and Waveform Graph to plot my data.

Here is the Scenario:

i am receiving data for 24 channels(400 samples each) from my H/W. so the X scale of the Graph is 0-399.

Now once i have captured all the data, i might want to change the Sweep speed of a particular waveform.

Sweep is like Zooming in or Zooming out. Say if i captured the data at sweep speed = 2. Now i want to view it at 4, means, i want to Zoom Out. Now that means that i want to view my 400 samples on First 200 samples of the Graph. If earlier the X difference b/w points was 1. not it'll be 0.5.

Waveform Graph has the property wherein i can make a cluster of Initial X, delta x and the waveform. Problem is it'll take delta x for all the plots on the graph and wont work if i want to change delta x of just 1 plot.

In XY Graph, i can give X and Y values for independent plots. So, it can workout my problem.

But giving X and Y values is a bit tedious job.

I want to know is there any way i can use Waveform Graph to plot my data and can change sweep speed of just 1 plot without doing much of coding, or is XY Graph the only solution to my Problem ??


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you could try to set the parameters for a particular waveform before you plot it

instead of setting properties of the waveform graph.

Unfortunately I don't have LV here at the moment so I can't verify whether this works.

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