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[Discuss] PTA IP Address

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Name: PTA IP Address

Submitter: Dan Press

Submitted: 02 Jul 2009

Category: X-Controls

LabVIEW Version: 8.2

Version: 1.0.1

License Type: BSD (Most common)

Make this available on the VI Package Network?: Undecided

Copyright © 2007, PrimeTest Automation, Inc.

All rights reserved.


Dan Press

--see readme file for contact information


This code has been tested to run under LabVIEW 8.2.1 and 8.5.0. Just unzip the code into any folder of your chosing and select the file "IP Address.xctl" as a control.


- Exists as a string control / indicator for IP addresses

- Provides a convenient way to enter an IP address

- Filters all but number keys

- Advances through the four bytes of an IP address automatically


If you have any problems with this code or want to suggest features, please post to the LAVA forum.

Version History:


Initial release of the code.


Added custom icon to the block diagram terminal (thanks Mike!)

Fixed vertical resize (very short) on drop in 8.2.

Added support for backspace and delete.

Using character values instead of scancodes for key down filter event.

Learned that the decimal point in the keypad and the delete key have the same scancode.

Added documentation to the XControl properties.

Click here to download this file

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