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Who can help me? Help ! Thanks!


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Using Serial commport controls. As far as I know, there is a serial communication command sets come with TDS220, You should be able to communicate with your TDS220 and download data from it by using those commands. Hope it is not too late for you.

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There are two ways. Neither is easy.

The first is to use the DLL. Labview has functions ("Call Library") to allow you to call library functions from DLLs.

The second is to ignore the DLL and as someone said to use the serial port primitives to make your own driver. This is more work, but the work is easier and more understandable- and you'll know more when you've finished and have a happy warm glow that you won't get by plugging in a black box DLL that will keep crapping out on you :)

The very first thing you should do if you play directly with it using the serial port is to use a serial terminal program like Hyperterminal to talk to the instrument, sending commands from the manual and getting responses back. Until you have achieved this, messing about with the serial port primitives will be futile and frustrating.

Once you can talk directly, you learn what commands you need to be able to do what you want with it, and then start writing Labview code to do those commands for you and you're there.

To appease my boss, I should say that there is of course the third option of contracting an NI Alliance Integrator to do it for you. There's plenty on here. :)

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