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Use of .rtm files


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I would like to prepare a collection of runtime menus for graph indicators, store them as .rtm-files and load them during runtime, depending on the data displayed.

However, I could not find a possibility to do this.

Am I right that the only way to do this is by using subvis with appropriate strings, fed into the menu functions?



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Hello Herbert,

there is no straight way to change the runtime menu of controls with the help of predefined .rtm files, as far as I know.

You have the possibility to copy some predefined template .rtm file (say one of 'GraphDataSensitive_A.rtm' ... 'GraphDataSensitive_Z.rtm') over that file which is currently bound to Control (say 'MyGraphMenu.rtm'). After a small amount of time your context menu will show the items from the template.

That works, so far, in the development environement but I've not evaluated it with an EXE.

Probably the better solution will be the programmatic assembling of the control context menu within its 'Shortcut Menu Activation?' event. There you can react real quick on any status of your data or the program itself. If you have not a Graph, but a Tree Control or a Listbox, you can change the menu items depending on the item the user clicked on. Translation will be easier to, and so on.



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