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Versioning in 8.6.1 App Builder

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I'm seeing curious results in some of my recent build attempts. I have the Auto Increment option set for version numbering and yet, despite that being set, I have now build three different EXE from the same build script and they all share the same version number. So, instead of being:

They are all

Now I've been using the Auto Increment versioning option for quite a while, with the same project, even on the same physical computer so this one REALLY confuses me. Anybody seen this kind of behavior or have any good ideas?

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Hi Val Brown,

maybe you have not saved your .lvproj after building the executions as LV has to store the build stuff in order to remember it the next time.

Another reason would be source code controlling of the project and developing with multiple engineers. Sometimes the importance of the .lvproj file is underestimated and old versions of the .lvproj file will overwrite the newer ones.



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