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NI Hypervisor compatibility with VMware

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Hi All,

Sorry this is not exactly related to LabVIEW Real Time...

I know NI offers a Hypervisor option whereby one machine can run both a Windows Development Environment and the Real Time Engine where the code is deployed and ran. I would like to know if I can use this architecture locally and deploy the Real Time Engine virtual appliance (with the deployed code) to a VMWare based cloud?

If not, the other option would be to simply install Real Time as a VM Appliance on a local Windows Development Machine and have one or more clones up in a cloud ... but as NI are getting into the virtualisation thinking I thought that keeping everything NI would be slightly simpler.

Thanks in advanced,


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 This is something that I inquired about a few months ago.

For the current moment I do not think that there is any way to deploy LVRT to a virtual machine other than the NI Hypervisor running on a PXI chassis.

While I suspect that your need would require the determinism of Real Time, my request was more from a debugging aspect. It would be very convenient to have virtual machines set up for my various deployment targets (cRIO, cFP, etc...) and be able to actually test my code on a VM before going on-site to install code upgrades/modifications. I realize that I would not have the determinism of the actual RTOS when running on a VM, but it would certainly help with debugging.

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