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Mixed Signal Graph Cursor Question

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Hi All-

I'm working on a project where there is multiple plots on a mixed signal graph and I want the user to be able to move one cursor across the graph and get the Y values for each plot. If I look at the cursor legend while it's moving I see exactly the information I want. The problem I'm running into is that I don't have room on my front panel for this legend to be displayed. So I'm trying to extract the Y values out and display them elsewhere.


The data that is output on the graph doesn't have the same amount of data points over the same period of time.

When trying to set the property node "cursor plot" to point to a specifc plot the cursor jumps across the screen.

Without setting cursor plot to look at a different plot, I cannot come up with a way to extract the Y values from anything but the first plot.

I've attached a sample VI of what it is I'm trying to do. It'll so how when trying to adjust "cursor plot" how it jumps around if the cursor is somewhere in the middle (starting at 0).

If anyone has any thoughts of getting this Y value without having the cursor jump around, I'd love to hear what you've got.



Cursor Test.vi

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Hi Peter

I agree this property node output isn't the best, the Y value output of the node should be an array. You will notice that in the cursor window that as you move the cursor across on every second point on the plot 1 y value it will be shown in round brackets, this is because the value for plot 1 is being interpolated from the plot 0 x values. To get the same behaviour as the cursor plot window you will need to do the interpolation yourself. Here is your vi with the manual interpolation.

Cursor Test (Manual Interpolation).vi


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