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LabVIEW Developer Education Day


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Just go to the developer day today. My 1st time to go to LabVIEW Developer Education Day

Reason that you should go

If you want to know how LAVA is popular (almost all NI speakers/presenters metion LAVA)

If you want to get $200 voucher for exam

If you want to get $2000 online course material (3% chance to win today)

If you want to get bestbuy gift card (8% chance to win today)

If you want to know about some how to "Improving the Performance of Your LabVIEW Applications "

If you want to know some tricks for your CLD exam.

==very good, I can't find the presentation material online.

==Using 3-4 pages of ppt slide to summarize what you need to get high points in styles and documentation (so you don't need to read the style book). I found that this is very useful

==Tell you some "Timing" property that you may need to use in the exam. It is very difficult if you have not thought this ahead.

Reason that you should not go

If you don't want to get bored to listen "Speed Up LabVIEW Development" (Poor material, not because of the speaker/presenter)

If you don't think you can follow a 2 hrs very pure programming topic "Graphical Scripting for LabVIEW"

I will strongly suggest you that to join this event if you plan to take the certification exam

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