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Report Generation Toolkit Problem

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I am running Labview 7.1 and using the Report Generation Toolkit. My program opens an excel file, fills in some values, and then saves and closes the excel file. If I open another excel window after my program has opened its window, then the program will only close the window it opened when the time comes to execute the Dispose Report vi. However, if there are any excel windows open before my program opens its excel window, it will close all of these priors as well as its window when it calls the Dispose Report vi. Is there any way to force my program to only close excel windows that it opens?

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I don't know what version of the Report Generation Toolkit LabVIEW 7.1 puts you are, but in v1.1.2 (LV2009) it looks like the RGT won't call Quit on Excel if ActiveWorkbook is non-null after it (RGT) closes the report file - which means, in theory, if you have any other files open, one of those should become the active workbook and stop Excel from closing.

I don't think OOP was very popular by 7.1 so I have no clue what code you're looking at - dig into the the Dipose Report VI and see what's going on. You can use the method above to kludge your version of the RGT if it's not already doing something similar.

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Versions 1.0 and 1.0.1 of the Report Generation Toolkit did not include any logic for attempting to keep other windows open. This logic was added in version 1.1:

Version 1.0.1 of Excel_Quit.vi

post-4441-031237600 1288889913_thumb.png

Version 1.1 of Excel_Quit.vi

post-4441-069544700 1288889912_thumb.png

According to this webpage, you can use up to version 1.1.2 with LabVIEW 7.1. I'm not sure if it's a free upgrade or not, so you should probably check with your NI salesperson.

Good luck,


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