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Unable to select locked indicator for unlocking


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I have a locked indicator on a tabpage containing several locked areas and an autoscaling graph.

For some reason (frequent resizing while running? / while developping?) the control got moved outside the visible part of the application.

Currently I'm unable to select the indicator.

By double-clicking the control on the BD I'm able to locate the indicator and resize the tabpage to get the indicatior visible, but I'm unable to select the control for unlocking it.

Programmatically moving the indicator does not work either because I get an error because the indicator is locked.:frusty:

I've been searching for a property node for unlocking the control but haven't found the property node so far.

Does this property exist and where can I find this? (LV 8.5.1)

Or does someone has another solution?


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I removed all other tabpages and all code from the vi, leaving only 1 tabpage and 1 unlockable/selectable control so you can try it yourself.

not unlockable control on tab.vi (LabVIEW 8.5.1)

Copying the tabpage to a new vi and setting the size to fit made the control selectable and unlockable.

But I want to be able to do the same inside this vi because moving the complete tabpage to a new vi

and pasting it all back, breaks all my code and that's what I want to prevent.

I had the same a few weeks back and ended up adding a new control (and relinking the references/property nodes)

while leaving the old control hidden out of sight, but it just doesn't feel good.

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I was able to unlock the control by following these steps in LabVIEW 8.5:

1. Double-click the "unlockable control" terminal on the diagram to highlight the control on the FP.

2. Drag a selection box around the control (as Chris suggested).

3. Go to the menu and choose "Unlock" from the Reorder pull-down menu.


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I know this is the normal way and I'm 100% sure this didn't work yesterday on another PC before uploading

(after double-clicking the control, the lines of the dragging-box even made the control dissapear)

In my original application it still does not work so I tried to rebuild the non-working vi again...

locked control.vi (LabVIEW 8.5.1)

I left my 4 different panes in place and now I'm having 4 different locked controls which don't even show up on doubleclick...

"Reorder Controls In Page..." displays all controls/indicators but afterwards they all dissapear again.

No suggestions about programmatically unlocking the control?

Is this possible with superprivatesecretstuff or through scripting?

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Hi Darren,

this one did the trick !!! :worshippy:

(Maybe you can add this as the first 2011 Nugget ;) )

It took me some time to get the refnums for the pane and the different controls, but I managed to get them unlocked.


My initial workaround for deleting locked items from the FP or BD:

it is possible to delete the locked items by changing them to a constant and then deleting the constant.

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