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Array to Cluster

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On seeing the LabVIEW Idea Exchange discussion on the Array to Cluster function, I thought it might be handled fairly simply by an XNode. Here's my attempt.

Nice ! I was just thinking the other day that the array to cluster would make an obvious target for an XNode but hadn't done anything about it. One little thing though - you don't handle the case of the stupid userfrusty.gif who feeds a cluster with different element types in very elegantly (i.e. it just produces the XNode couldn't cope because of some failure in scripting error (well not quite those exact words, but you get the general gist...). I had a go at checking to see if the type descriptor of all the elements of the cluster were the same when I flattened them to strings and then return a more informative error if not. It works in that it doesn't return an error with code generation, but it doesn't return my error - just error 1 invalid terminals. Which is correct but not what I wanted to do...


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