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Long time reader, first time poster...

I have any xy-chart implementation I would like some comments on. As we're all well aware of, LabVIEW doesn't have a true native XY-Chart graph. I recently required one for a DAQ system that was communicating with several serial devices. Each device would send data back at different intervals. I wanted to plot each point as it was received into a standard strip chart style graph. I hunted and started looking into the buffer style xy-graph, but wasn't pleased with it entirely. It did work, but not as well as a standard strip chart. I came across a post in the NI user groups that got me thinking about the implementation in the vi. I wrote up this dummy vi to test it out and everything seems to be working as I would hope. I would love to hear from people if they think this won't work well. The code is in 7.0.



Download File:post-689-1095347916.vi

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Seems to work well. I didn't found any problem, except that your history is limited.

I also have a DAQ implementation, where the data might not come in regular and the acquisition might go one or more day(s). Implementing it with an XY-Graph makes the whole stuff quite slow: max acquisition rate at the beginning is about 4-5Hz and after one or two hours (depending on the computer you use) it falls down to less than 1Hz.

I'm still looking for the best implementation, and I'm probably not alone...


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