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Design Advice for Representing Variables in LVOOP?

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I am looking for some advice on class design and design pattern. I am designing a LabVIEW library that provides access to (and encapsulates ) a COM server.

The COM interface has two variable types:

  • System Variable
  • Node Variable

Common methods:

  • Register/Unregister for Notifier
  • Register/Unregister for Event
  • Create
  • Destroy
  • Read
  • Write

Common data:

  • Name
  • Units
  • Comment

The variables differ in the refnum to the COM server and the possible data types that can be represented.

  • System Variable
    • Integer
    • String
    • FloatInteger
    • ArrayFloat
    • Array

  • Node Variable
    • Integer
    • String

I want to hide the existence of the System and Node variables from the user. They only need to know the variables that exist and the data types. I also want to restrict the user to only creating System Variables (within the COM interface).

What are your design recommendations for:

  • Where to store the "data" of the variable?
  • How to provide the user with read and write of different data types?
  • How to expose these functions to the user of this API?

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