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I receive UDP error 54 when trying to open IP address and port.

LabVIEW is running on and another application(not written using LabVIEW) is running on Application on is configured to send the data to So first three UPD open and last UDP open is working and labview is able to open the port on the same ip labview application resides which in this case is

It returns error 54 when UDP open tires to open port at

As the error stated to ping, the ping snapshot is when done from pc.

Does anyone know why would Labview UDP open work for only localhost ( same pc where labview is running) and not able to open UDP connection for



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You cannot open a UDP port on a remote machine because UDP is stateless - there's no established connection. You supply the remote address at the time that you send data, and if the remote machine happens to be listening on that port then it might receive the data. The only reason to open a UDP port is to listen, not to send, and the address input exists for the case where a machine has multiple network cards and you only want to listen on one of them.

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I can't add anything to ned's reply, but did want to mention that a common mistake to watch for (I make it all the time, and you even made it near the end of your post) is to type 198 or 162 instead of 192 and 168.

Does anyone know if there's a psychological basis for this error? :P Seriously, what is it about these numbers that makes them so prone to mix-ups?


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