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Drop on tree control

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I am trying to customize the behavior of a tree control when a string is dropped into it. The problem is that I need to know if the string was drop on an existing item (to put the new item as a child) or in between 2 items (to put the new item at the same level). I use the "point to row column" method, but it always return an item as parent, never an empty string (the root parent) even when I drop the new string between 2 others. The "in bounds" parameter is always true too.

Any idea?




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So, here is NI answer:

I looked into your issue more deeply and spoke with one of our LabVIEW experts about the behavior we're seeing with your tree control.

Unfortunately, this appears to be a limitation in LabVIEW that R&D is currently working to resolve. If you're capturing drop events programmatically, there does not seem to be a way for LabVIEW to distinguish between child and sibling drops, even if you enable "Allow Dropping Between Items" on the front panel (which I confirmed in your VI that you had already enabled).

A Corrective Action Request (CAR #285577) has also been filed on this issue, so when it gets fixed it will list this number in the LabVIEW readme if you'd like to track it that way. I'm including a link to where this had been brought up as a Product Suggestion this summer and R&D acknowledged that this was unexpected behavior. I'm truly sorry I don't have better news for you.

In my case I may be able to manage it depending of the item being dropped, but apparently there is no general solution.

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