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Hello all,

I'm new with LabVIEW and I need to create a subvi that can validate the users of the vi.

I found an example in LabVIEW, but it uses a table, and the logins and passwords are there for everyone to see. I need something hidden, even encrypted if possible.

Any sugestions ?


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there are many ways to do this.

1. You can use basic math to do a simple encryption on the password. One of the most common ways involves taking the password input from a string control, converting the string to ASCII data, then run it into boolean math. (XOR, shifting, or inversion) The good part of this system is that it is easy to code, it executes quickly, and the password string is not explicity saved in the VI.

2. I have also used a hash function as a password. I input a password to a MD5 generator, then store the MD5 hash in my VI. If a user wants access to a feature, they need to input a password, and my VI will compare the MD5 result for that password to the one stored in my VI, if they match access is granted. The downside is that long calculations can get CPU intensive. You can find a MD5 VI here:


3. You can buy authentication/security packages for Labview. There are many companies using Labview that need passwords and authentication for FDA validation. Look at the following links.



Hope this helps,


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