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TCP/IP error code 62: Ethernet

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This is on a TCP write command.

I'm getting an error code 62 --


Error 62 occurred at an unidentified location

Possible reason(s):

LabVIEW: Serial port overrun error.


LabVIEW: The system caused the network connection to be aborted.


This is interface is not being taxed terribly heavily, maybe 1Kb/s on total of 3 sockets for one Ethernet connection, and 3 other ethernet connections with only 1 active socket (pretty slow on these ones.)

The bizare thing is that once this occurred, I lost every single socket on the entire computer for about a minute, then the ship righted itself and everything started back up.

Any notable easy fixes for this problem?


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Can you reproduce this in safe mode with networking? The error message basically means that something outside of your (application's) control is aborting the connection, so I would try and eliminate potential sources of that. Do you have problems with anything else TCP-based, in or out of LabVIEW?

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