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Generate User Defined Trace Events Crash


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Hello All,


I've found a bug related to the "Generate User-Defined Trace Event" (GTE) which will crash LabVIEW routinely.  The bug has been submitted to NI and they've verified it.  For those of you watching from home, the CAR number is 412912.  I'm using LabVIEW 2012 SP1.  The crash did not exist for me in the 2011 version.


The crash occurs when you have a string control wired to GTE and that string control is connected to the connector pane of your VI.  If the string control contains text and the Desktop Execution Trace Toolkit (DETT) is listening than we get a crash.  If string is empty or DETT is not listening, then we're all set.  When used only with a numeric control, the GTE does not seem to crash.  The workaround  from NI is to use a property node to read the value of the string control and pass that onto GTE.


I've attached a sample project which demonstrates the crash and I've included the png of just the workaround below.






GTE Crash.zip

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