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generic user interface for specific module ui's

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Hello there,


maybe someone can help me whats a good and flexible strategy for my problem. My goal is to design many module ui's which all are based on a xy graph with some function like mouse scroll zoom, switching to real-time etc. and some buttons, combo boxes and indicators around the graph. An event structure handles the special event handling.

These specific modules should base on this generic ui but also extends this ui with some more module specific content.


How can i realize this in oo design to avoid copying the generic ui when using it for new modules? I can't figure out how inheritance could solve this, because this generic ui comes with his own event handling and frontpanel. What do you think about inserting this generic ui into a subpabel of these specific modules?


Thanks a lot!

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Subpanel is a good way to go. In each child class, there could be a different-named display VI that can insert itself into the subpanel (DisplayType1.vi, DisplayMultiCursor.vi). I've used regular classes for this, as well as AF.

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