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Differences between versions

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I am very new to LabVIEW and I was wondering whether someone could let me know when the last major revision was done to the software.


As I understand it, they release minor changes every year but has there been any major releases?


I have tried to find this information with no success so I thought I would come to the experts :-)


Thanks for any help you can give

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Since LV2009 NI releases one major revision per year in august, named by the release year. This is then followed by a Service Pack containing bug fixes typically released in early March. So currently the latest release is LV2013SP1. Many prefer waiting with updating their systems until the service pack is released.


You can find some information on versions here.

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Thanks for the reply MartinPeeker. Is every year significantly different to the one before or is there a 3 or 5 year cycle when there is a major change that fundamentally changes the product?

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I'm not sure what would qualify as a major change that fundamentally changes the product. New concepts are introduced from time to time such as Embedded targets (8.xx?), the Project Explorer (8.xx?), native Object Oriented programming (8.20) and Actor Framework (20XX?). All version have good backward compatiblity and you can save your code for previous versions back to 8.0 at least provided you do not use things introduced after that. It's seldom very difficult to upgrade from an older version to a newer, although there are special cases when people run into problems.


When it comes to fundamental changes I guess major changes in how the compiler works would qualify. This white paper desribes the history of the compiler, introduced with LV2 and with the largest changes made since in LV2009 introducing DFIR and 64-bit comaptibility.


Apart from that it's hard to answer your question without knowing more about why you are asking it.

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