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FPGA Error -52005

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I am getting an error out of the blue with a FPGA application that used to run.  This is a remote application running on a PXI station.  There was a power cycle at the facility over the weekend so I don't know if that has anything to do with it.


I am configuring the FPGA using a bit file.  I have been doing this for a while on the project.  I get error -52005 coming out of the FIFO configuration.  I don't get an error out of the open FPGA VI reference and it is configured to run when programmed.  With no error out of that I would think that communication to the FPGA card is good.


I looked at on NI.com for reasons this may be happening, but none of them applied.  I haven't recently upgraded to 2013, I'm not using Scan Clock FPGA Chassis I/O node, and I don't know how to check what versions of NI System Monitor is installed.


It appears that there are no discussions mentioning "52005".  So I assume this is a new topic.


I used "shutdown -r" on the remote machine so I assume this provided enough of a shutdown/reset to the system to take care of any issues that might have occurred due to the power cycle that happened.


Thanks for your help.



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