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      (latest version 5.5 - November 3, 2015 - LabVIEW 2010)
      Chess Game with artificial intelligence 100% LabVIEW
      AI : algorithm MinMax + Alpha-Beta pruning
      two game levels : "novice" and "Jedi"
      editing interface  (edit on/off)
      a) moving mode : left-clic on the starting square, left-clic on the destination square
      b) positioning mode : right-clic on a square opens a context menu to choice the piece.
      This engine 5.5 is stronger than the previous engine 5.0 (Jedi level)
      unzip - run "Chess_ouadji.vi"
      Have fun!  
      if you like this Chess Game, a kudo is most welcome!  (here - first post)
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