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Labricks - a Breakout clone in LabVIEW

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Hi there,

here is something I wrote recently and presented on our user group meeting last week.

Labricks is a clone of the old-school video game Breakout.
I dreamed of programming my own Breakout clone
since I first played MegaBall on a friend's Amiga 4000 in 1996 :-)
My implementation uses the 3D picture control and classic OOP.

- Hall of fame (List of best scores)
- Old-school game sound
- Random board (level) generation
- Generally usable base classes that provide 2D collision detection and rendering

The game is playable but not finished yet. Here are some TODOs:


- Fix issues regarding collision detection (ball - paddle)
- Fix sound delay on Linux
- Test it on Mac
- Power-ups
- Loadable levels
- Make it more challenging (e.g. increase the ball's speed over time)

Comments are appreciated, have fun ;-)





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