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Persistent corrupt silver tree control

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From time to time I encounter one of these corrupt controls, usually when upgrading old code onto a newer LabVIEW version.

This time I upgraded my main LabVIEW installation from 2013.0.1f2 to 2013.0.1f5, and somehow this single tree control ended up being corrupt - somehow.. :wacko:


I can set text color and style for the active cell, without an error from the property, but the tree itself doesn't update/change!


I did some minor searching on NI and LAVA this.forum but turned up not-so-much wiser.

Besides, the corruption (if that's what this is) can be worked around by replacing the control/indicator with another one, so nothing's really wasted except for the 2+ minutes it takes to realign the new instances appearance..


Is this a well known issue?


I have attached a small (and fast) VI I copy pasted the 'corrupt' control into to visualize the anomaly.

If the Tree reference is to another tree on the FP the code works as expected, and that tree is updated correctly..


Care to explain this?   :worshippy:



Tree Test.vi

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