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Detect where drop occurs between target tree rows (insert location)

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Does anyone have a solution to detecting where a drop occurred on a target tree control?


I'm already familiar with the 'Point to Row Column' method. However, that only returns the row of the item you mouse is hovering over during the drop.


See, when a user moves his mouse around, a line is shown exactly where the insert will occur. However this line location, between rows, is not available from what i can see. Regardless of where the line is drawn, the 'Point to Row Column' method returns the mouse hover location instead.

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Michael did you ever figure out a solution? I was just trying to figure this out today and found a bunch of threads from a decade ago about this, but haven't found anyone with a solution to the problem. The silly solution I've come up with is to use pt->row on coordinates +/- 5 pixels and if the tag changes then it must be on that border...but I don't like this idea. And this only really works for me because (right now) only one type of element in the tree is allowed to accept children, so I just need to check for that and can either drop or insert based on that property.

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