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Pastebin Functions and Auto Archive

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Pastebin Functions and Auto Archive

Older project meant for a simple command and control system based around pastebin. Includes a Pastebin auto archiver example



Bypasses developer API - Uses the same web interface as your browser


Auto Archiver "Pastebin Archive Main.vi" - Working 02/15/16 Searches the archives and downloads all unseen messages to disk. Avg of 25GB per week if I remember correctly. Saves to c:\pastes


Check archives for messages "Pastebin - Archive.vi" - Working 02/14/16


Search for messages "Pastebin - Search.vi" - Working 02/15/16 - Max results per page 10 and pages are zero indexed


Fetch "Pastebin - Fetch.vi" - Working 02/15/16 - Downloads the contents of a paste


URL "Pastebin - URL.vi" - Working 02/15/16  Grabs basic information about a paste using the URL


Post "Pastebin - Post.vi" - Broken/Detected 02/15/16 - Posts are nolonger set as public and have triggered anti-bot measures. Need to check what differs between my post and my browser post as this has changed. More than the new key location has changed.


Needed improvements

More examples


Fix Post

Add create dir when saving if does not exist to archive example



Load project in LabVIEW 2015 32/64 bit


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