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Frequency vs time domain


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you wrote:

i want to plot frequency against time domain but what i can only get is the individual time and frequency plots. how do i plot them? its in Real time by the way. All help will be much appretiated :)


I do not understand what you mean by 'frequency against time domain'. Do you want to plot a Signal S in dependence on frequency, S(f), and the same (or another) Signal in dependence on time, S(t), in one plot? That would make little sense, since the x-axes of the plot would be two different quantities.

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Hey there,

What i meant was to plot Frequency in the Y-axis against Real time in the X-axis. instead of the normal Amplitude vs Frequency for the frequency graphs, it is shown in Real time :) any idea?


Since frequency f is defined as events per time ( f = 1/t) you would get a hyperbola if you plot y (= f = 1/t ) vs. x ( = t ). What is so interesting in plotting a hyperbola?

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hi guys

Yea i need frequency against time for data analysis. How do i make it work if i am working with real time with everchanging values. i cant just simply put in fixed values in this situation. I can plot a normal signal in both time and frequency but how do i plot frequency against time.......

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