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How to read a folder with different types of files (images, text files, videos ) and save it to another folder at the client end using TCP/IP?

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I am facing with two problems in my program. Kindly help me if possible.


1. How to switch between two clients. i.e.,  stop one client when the other is running and viceversa. For more detaisl I am attaching the program.

How to stop one client with port number 6000 when client with 5000 is running?


2. I am using TCP/IP to send and recieve data from one PC to other. But i have a problem in Receiving  and saving the data at the client side as the save option doesnt save the documents transfered. Instead It saves the path from the sender pc.The transfered documents are images, pdf files, videos.


In short transfering a folder and saving the same folder to the other PC.


Please write to me if more details are required.


Your inputs will be appreciated.


Thank you.

Untitled 2.vi

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