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I am considering how to implement a hardware abstraction layer (HAL) in a project, for measurements and instruments. It will be based on Actors Framework, and there is an existing actors framework plugin for HAL support called "Measurement Utility". It is design by NI engineer Elijah Kerry, and is availible here: https://decibel.ni.com/content/docs/DOC-21441

I can't find any posts here about the subject, although I believe there must be users here with some experience from using or testing this utility.

I have installed it, and done some preliminary testing, and I think it looks promising. The downside may be that it is relatively large and complex (but flexible), and it requires some real experience in OOP and Actors Framework to understand how it is designed, if you really want to dig in to it. But that is not necessary for using it. Then you just need to add support for new measurements and instruments, and call the measurements in your application.

Are there any users here that would like to share some thougths or experience with this utility?


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I remember seeing Elijah's presentation at some event or another and I thought it was pretty slick. I spent a good amount of time following the actor framework discussions on the NI community group but decided I really didn't need the functionality that was on display there for almost anything I did. I do use HAL but not based on Actor Framework.

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