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TS UI - Force the ENTIRE front panel to redraw


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Hi !

I'm developping a TestStand UI in LabVIEW. Within this UI, I want to display the front panel of VIs that are played in a TS sequence into a subpanel.

It works fine ... except for values that were set into the 'sequence' VI (LV Step) before the front panel was loaded into the UI subpanel. If I want to 'redraw' them I have to read a property on the front panel controls into my LV step...

I want my code to be as more generic as a possible, so I dont' want to add extra code into my LV step just to ensure that it will be displayed correctly into the subpanel.

Do you have any idea how to force a front panel to redraw ENTIRELY (or at least all control/indicators visible) ? Note : I must be able to do it through VI server fron the 'outside' of the VI.

TS UI Flow.jpg

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