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Hey guys!

I recently upgraded an application used across my company from LV2012 SP1 to LV2017.  (woot woot!)

The #1 complaint (and this is a bit silly really) is that LV2017 changed a characteristic of user input to numeric controls displaying relative time.  More specifically, take a look at the attached VI/screenshot.  In LV2012, a user is able to double-click the numeric input field (highlighting all test) and then entering a number.  If the display format was set to :<:M:%S>t, then this input is recognized as a desired number of minutes.  Thus, entering "2" yields a value of 120 to the control.  Fantastic!

However, in LV2017, if a user highlights all text and then enters a number.... then no change is applied to the numeric value.  This input is rejected.

Is there any mechanism for enabling the LV2012 mechanic for highlighting all text and entering a value?




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It does work if typed in the same format as the display format. For example, if you type in 00:5 it will display "00:05", but if you type in just "5" LabVIEW sees it as an incomplete input and reverts to the last value. It works the same in LV16. I don't have older versions at home to test. NI will probably say that this is the more correct way of operating even though it is less optimal for your users. You could create an xControl that mimics the LV12 mode of entry.

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