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Packed library causing name collision of dll

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Good people of LAVA,

I am running into a peculiar issue involving packed libraries.  I have attached a zipped folder that illustrates this issue in a simplified format.  When I run the build spec in the attached folder, I get the following error:


My understanding is that the application builder is running into this issue as a result of trying to include the lvanalys.dll twice:
-lvanalys.dll is a dependency of G-code in the main.vi
-lvanalys.dll is a dependency of the packed library build: "math.lvlibp"


One workaround that I've discovered is to rename the dll in the packed library build spec:


As you might expect, this results in the Main application builder including both lvanalys.dll and lvanalys_mathlib.dll in the resource folder.  However, since the names are different - this doesn't generate a namespace collision warning.  The downside is that this feels a bit kludgy.  And it would be nicer to find a solution where the application builder is smart enough to understand that it only needs 1 copy of this dll in the resource folder.

Thoughts?  Am I missing something?  I have only recently started to explore packed libraries.  Thanks!



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Co-worker found the solution!



This option in the packed library build spec will exclude the lvanalys.dll from being placed into the packed library build directory.

Furthermore, when the application EXE build spec runs, it seems to be smart enough to include lvanalys.dll in the resource folder when the packed lib is a dependency.  (Cool!)

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