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Force Pane Size event

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My main VI contains a whole bunch of splitters and inserted VIs. These VIs all need to react to Pane Size event of their pane.

The event comes as expected when the user resizes the main window. But it does not come when I programatically set the main FP Panel Bounds or Windows Bounds.

How can I force the event to come? Programatically moving the splitters 1 pixel and back does the trick, but that's an ugly solution.

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Well technically, an event frame is for user events. If you programmatically resize the panel (which is not a user action), then it's your job to tell everyone to fix themselves. Sure we could argue forever on that one point. But it seems much less hacky to send a panel resize cleanup message than to jiggle the splitters. Imagine someone trying to read your code and figure out why you're jiggling the splitters.

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