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I have a question about general rule of packaging and distributing LabVIEW code.

I have a LabVIEW project (please see below tree structure) which contains numerous VI sample code which invokes function calls in the dll (PVCamNET.dll).

As the project needs to be shipped to the world I would like to package it more professionally than zipping the entire folder. 

Note the folders, DemoApp and Examples contain VI code.

Looking at the build specifications  there seem to be many options for packaging.

I have a DLL enclosed in the folder and besides the VIs the DLL must be part of the project.


My question is quite simple - what is the best way to package this project for the user to play with the VI code ?





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Hi Michael, Yes. I played with it the source distribution. After building with it I see a new folder "My Source Distribution" and all my VI files and the dll are inside. 

It seems that everything was just copied into one directory - this is not so different from just zipping the folder.



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