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matlab to labview

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I want to send a m-file with a function from Matlab to Labview. An exampel of the m-file is attaced below.

The reson for the function in the m-file is that Im doing an exemenation report in electric enginering and have lot of m-files that alredy are built in matlab and they exists of functions.

My question is what shuld i type in the matlabpromt to save the file in the right format so it can be read from Labview.

Shuld it be 'mcc -x 'filename'?

In Labview I have tryed to import the file whit help from 'Call Function Libary Node' but when i configur the nod only mexLibrary is avilebel in the dropdown for names to be selected as function names. And how shuld the input and outputparameters be set?

When I have tryed this I got the folloving error message 'The dynamic link libary libmatlb.dll culd not be found in the specific path

Her is the m-file

function labview4(y)



if s==2


else p=s-10


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