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Research Invitation: Design Evaluation of LabVIEW Systems Models

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Dr. Jeff Gray, Xin Zhao and Saheed Popoola of the University of Alabama are conducting a research study titled “Design Evaluation of LabVIEW Systems Models.” They wish to 1) evaluate code smells summarized from both existing literature and end-users to understand the severity of different code smells; 2) explore more code smells not scoped in current literature.

Code smells (also known as “bad smells”) are indicators of bad designs that “usually corresponds to a deeper problem in the system.” Although code smells do not necessarily lead to program failure, they may increase the possibility of software bugs or failures in the future. Studies have shown that code with many bad smells takes 32% longer to debug and causes more frustration to programmers.

Taking part in this study involves completing a 15-minute web survey about your experience with LabVIEW development. The results will be available later to the LabVIEW community to help inform best practices to improve model quality and design decisions.

Your participation is completely anonymous and voluntary. You are free not to participate or stop participating at any time before you submit your answers. You must be 18 years of age or older to participate in the study and the survey.

This research study has been approved by the University of Alabama Institutional Review Board. If you are interesting in helping us, please click the link below to start the survey.


We appreciate your participation of our study. Thank you in advance.

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