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Conglomerate Resource

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I am testing my VI parser by extracting and re-creating all VI files from LV2014. One file is a bit different:


This one has Block Diagram and Front Panel stored in "c" version of the heap format, which is already unusual for LV14 files. But there's another strange thing - it doesn't seem to have Type Mapping data, but still has Default Fill of Data Space (which normally can be only parsed knowing Type Mapping). It looks like instead there's another VI file stored inside, and Type Mapping comes from that internal one. The internal VI file seem to be referred to as "conglomerate resource" - block ID is CGRS.


While it doesn't matter for what I'm doing, I'm wondering what is that - there's only one file in LV14 which looks like this. What is the purpose of storing that VI within another VI, while all other VIs are linked in a way which keeps them all as separate files?


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