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Neslab driver to share

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Last year I did  a project where we had to do serial comms with a couple of Neslab chillers using their infernal binary protocol. The driver available for download from the NI Driver Network, if it ever worked, had become unusable, and has been for a long time. So I wrote a new driver using VISA Serial comms. I recycled some binary encoding/decoding from the original downloaded drivers, correcting the decimal parsing for some parameters and the checksum calculation. This was sort of like scratching a ten year itch, often a source of frustration, but never had time to really wring it out. All parameters can now be set and read.

I posted them to the Instrument Driver Network last year, and after some time, they got back to me saying they had rewritten and  merged it with the existing code and reposted, but in LV2018, which I wasn't using at the time. As far as I know, unless they have Neslab chillers sitting around, they have no way of testing their rewritten code to see if it works.

I've had them up on Google drive here along with some others, like the Digikrom Monochromator and my debugged driversfor Agilent 34970A:


Is there and appropriate place to post them on LAVAG?



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