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How to creat a new VI when the VI is running.

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Hi William:

Yes, you can use a LabView vi to create another vi. In one simple manner (a method I used years ago to create multiple display panels for program) you can simply use file i/o vis to make multiple copies of an existing vi.-- You can even call these vi's up by file name after creating them, open them and start them running.

Of course, it can get much more complicated than that-- see the whole section "Scripting" in this forum. Not something for the casual user, I think you've really got to invest some effort into it. But you can do some pretty complex stuff if you need to :!:

I'm not at all sure that I agree with you that Labview isn't Object Oriented... but I'll leave that topic for others, as I haven't done a lot of OOP in C++ or VB, there's probably others in the forum better able to tackle the question, but my understanding is that both in its construction, and in its use, you can think of LabView as a Object oriented language.

Best Regards, Louis

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Dear all,I wonder If the VI can creat a new VI when it is running.Just like the form creat new form(IN Visual Basic). Though,I know that VB is OO but LV is not.


You can also use LabVIEW Templates. Basically, they are just LabVIEW VI's with a *.vit extension instead of *.vi. LabVIEW can use this template to make multiple copies of a VI at runtime.


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