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How to fire multiple events from one action

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This VI is the result of a problem I ran into and solved with some help from the Info-LabVIEW list.

The problem: How to get a VI with a standard event structure to fire a continuous stream of the same event while a button was held down, but then stop as soon as the button was released.

The solution: With a combination of a case statement, an event structure and some 'switch until released' buttons, all within a single while loop, I got the desired result. It was suggested that I post it here to share with others.

Some issues with my solution: While the code is processing the 'held down' event, no other events can occur. Not sure if they will be queued up or not. I didn't test for that.

Some benefits of this solution over others: There is only one loop. So, there is no need to deal with killing two asyncronous loops when the exit event it fired.

I hope this code is of some use to you one some project someday. I know I get a great deal of help from all of you and just want to give some back.


Download File:post-2411-1141673638.vi

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