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customizing remote web front panel display

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I am trying to setup a remote control panel in LabVIEW that can be accessed over the web.

I want to be able to display a small vi (160x240) on a web page and have the user interact with it to remotely control my LabVIEW code. So far, my experiments have shown a few limitations:

1. I only want my small 160x240 VI to appear on the webpage. Instead, I get a large box with my VI in the upper corner and a wide band above my VI (where the header text would go?). How do I control what is displayed?

2. I am using the 'embedded' option for publishing this VI. I also enabled the 'request control' option. When I connect, if the VI is already running, I cannot control it without releasing control and then re-requesting control. If the VI is not running, I do get control and can press the run button, then control my VI. I do not want the user to have to 'run' the VI. It should already be running when they connect and they should not have to request control.

3. My end goal is to access this remote web interface via a PDA with WiFi and a web browser. Since controlling a VI this way requires the run time installed, is it possible to do this on a PDA? Do I need the PDA toolkit? Is there another way?

Thanks for any help!


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