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1. Welcome to the LAVA Code Repository


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"Sharing: To participate in, use, enjoy, or experience jointly."

The LAVA Code Repository (LAVAcr) is a sharing place where LabVIEW users can share meaningful and well-structured code in an open and free environment. This section of LAVA is the culmination of several months of thought by LAVA's founders and we are very proud of the structure that we have created.

The LAVAcr is NOT a highly structured online collaborative site (we've got the more than capable Open G for that), nor is it an uncontrolled dumping ground for any and all VIs submitted by the community - it's something in the middle.


All LAVAcr content is LAVA Certified - a certification that insists on appropriate quality, support and usefulness. Members cannot simply upload any type of code to the LAVAcr - it must adhere to specific standards and rules before it is considered for inclusion. All code submitted is moderated by a group of well-respected LabVIEW professionals, all of whom are also respected premium members of LAVA.

What is the Process for Submitting my Code?

Code is submitted by filling out a dedicated web form here. This form requires some information from you (including a functionality description, image, desired distribution license), as well as a place to upload you code. You will also be asked to confirm that your submission adheres to the LAVA Certified requirements. Once you have submitted the code, it will move to a holding area on LAVA that is accessable only by LAVA administrators and the LAVA Certified assessment team. A LAVA Certified assessor will take ownership of your case and begin the assessment process. Once the process is complete, you will receive notification whether you submission has been accepted and included in the LAVAcr, or if it has been denied based on the LAVA Certified requirements.

How long does it take for my submitted code to be published?

That's an easy one: it depends :) The LAVA Certified assessment team are donating their time to this cause, so it may take a while (we aim to average next-business day). Find comfort in that good things come to those who wait.

What Happens if my Code is Denied?

We here at LAVA are people, just like you, and we don't want to exclude anyone, but making the LAVAcr a free-for-all defeats the purpose of having a premium resource where other users can be confident that the contents are of a high quality. If one of the LAVAcr assessors deems that your submission doesn't meet all of the LAVA Certified requirements, then you will be emailed with a list of items that are considered erroneous. You are more than welcome to address the issues and resubmit the code. If you believe that your code is compliant with the LAVA Certified requirements and it is still rejected, please contact the assessor directly with your concerns.

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