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Getting the controls[]-property of a vi running in a subpanel

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a while ago I've made a subvi that is able to get all controls of the toplevel-VI.

This has been accomplished by getting all the controls[] refnums and then cycling

through all the clusters/tabs/arrays to get an array of all refnums (only controls).

Then when 1 of these items gets the keyfocus (cycle entire array), a popup-keyboard will appear.

Now in a new project (still LV 7.1.1) I started using subpanels and noticed that

the controls on the subpanel are not accessible when starting from the subpanel refnum. :headbang:

(casting of a refnum to VI-type fails, casting to subpanel / paneltype does not give

any access to a controls[]-property.

As a workaround I've called the controls[]-property directly from the VI-refnum that is started in the subpanel,

but I really would like to reach these properties starting from the top-level-VI-refnum.

Is ther someone out there to give me a clue?



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Maybe I've misunderstood you, but is this what you're trying to do?


That's what I'm using for the moment, what I really would like to achieve is to

get access to the VI-ref (from Insert VI) starting from the subpanel-refnum itself

(and NOT by getting all the controls when starting the subpanel).

THX anyway,


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