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Long Compile Times in LV8

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I have a fairly large project and building an exe can take a good 5 minutes or so. I'd be interested in reducing that time if possible.

I tried putting a large section of my project into a library using the new project tree, but that did nothing in terms of compile times. I'm not really sure in what way that was useful at all, really.

Not so long ago, I recall saving all my vis into an LLB and I believe I could pull from that without recompiling all of the VIs, leading to faster builds (although not sure about that). But these days, the "save all with options" stuff seems to be removed and the current LLB builder seems handicapped.

Am I missing a good option here to place 98% of my VIs into a pre-built library, so I can link in 1 rebuilt vi and have the compiler be done quickly? Or is this just the state of LV right now that I got to watch my VIs get rebuilt over and over and over again?

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